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North Yorkshire Local Skills Improvement Plan Data

Welcome to the North Yorkshire Local Skills Improvement Plan Data microsite. The site presents data and visualisations relevant to the Local Skills Improvement Plan, including information about skills supply and skill demand.

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Supply is broken down by stage of study, with a focus on Further Education and 16-18 Destinations, including Apprenticeships. The source of this data is mainly the Department for Education.

Demand data is split into job postings and NOMIS data. The former is based on data provided by Lightcast and accessed via The Data City. The latter is is a service provided by Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Chart Interactivity

Most charts and figures are interactive. You can hover your mouse (or click on mobile/tablet) to show individual data point's values. On bar/line charts you can show individual categories by hovering over them in the legend.

Data Processing

You can view our data processing pipelines here. In general, we replace "low" entries (greater than 0, less than 5) with 2. There are some instances where this is impractical, so we omit "low" entries, stating when this happens. All the headline stats are rounded for readability.