West Yorkshire Local Skills Improvement Plan Data

16-18 Destinations

Skills Supply: 16-18 Destinations

This page shows the latest data (2020/21) for the current level of 16-18 study and their intended destinations. We only consider sustained destinations, which is participation for at least 6 months. Level 2 qualifications are equivalent to GCSE grades 9-4 or grades A*-C. Level 3 qualifcations are equivalent to A/AS-Level.

Datasets used:

Headline statistics showing the total number of people completing 16-18 study at each level.

Total completing 16-18 studies
Total at Level 3
Total at Level 2
Total other qualification

Local Authority

Total number of students completing 16-18 studies by Local Authority


Percentage of pupils by destination type (only includes sustained destinations)

010050WakefieldLeedsKirkleesCalderdaleBradfordWork Bradford: 15.2Work Calderdale: 21.7Work Kirklees: 19Work Leeds: 22.6Work Wakefield: 27.9Apprenticeship Bradford: 7.1Apprenticeship Calderdale: 15.2Apprenticeship Kirklees: 7.9Apprenticeship Leeds: 10.6Apprenticeship Wakefield: 9.8Education Bradford: 77.7Education Calderdale: 63.1Education Kirklees: 73.1Education Leeds: 66.8Education Wakefield: 62.3WorkApprenticeshipEducation

The two figures below show pupils completing 16-18 study, as a percentage (left) and raw numbers (right). Seeing this data as a percentage is useful when one place has many more people than another (e.g. Leeds).

Percentage of pupils by qualification type

010050WakefieldLeedsKirkleesCalderdaleBradfordAll other qualifications Bradford: 19.2All other qualifications Calderdale: 20.1All other qualifications Kirklees: 13.3All other qualifications Leeds: 14.9All other qualifications Wakefield: 17.6Level 3 Bradford: 61.1Level 3 Calderdale: 63.8Level 3 Kirklees: 70.8Level 3 Leeds: 63.9Level 3 Wakefield: 64.6Level 2 Bradford: 19.7Level 2 Calderdale: 16.1Level 2 Kirklees: 15.9Level 2 Leeds: 21.2Level 2 Wakefield: 17.8All other qualificationsLevel 3Level 2

Number of pupils by qualifcation type

0100005000WakefieldLeedsKirkleesCalderdaleBradfordAll other qualifications Bradford: 894All other qualifications Calderdale: 358All other qualifications Kirklees: 683All other qualifications Leeds: 1222All other qualifications Wakefield: 627Level 3 Bradford: 2841Level 3 Calderdale: 1134Level 3 Kirklees: 3651Level 3 Leeds: 5238Level 3 Wakefield: 2301Level 2 Bradford: 916Level 2 Calderdale: 286Level 2 Kirklees: 820Level 2 Leeds: 1739Level 2 Wakefield: 634All other qualificationsLevel 3Level 2

Student Characteristics

Different student characterstic splits in a range of destination types.

FE destinations for different student characteristics

01000200030004000Not DisadvantagedMaleFemaleDisadvantagedNo identified SENIdentified SENNo identified LLDDIdentified LLDDFE Level 3 Identified LLDD: 339FE Level 3 No identified LLDD: 1266FE Level 3 Identified SEN: 12FE Level 3 No identified SEN: 156FE Level 3 Disadvantaged: 630FE Level 3 Female: 898FE Level 3 Male: 874FE Level 3 Not Disadvantaged: 1135FE Level 2 Identified LLDD: 460FE Level 2 No identified LLDD: 691FE Level 2 Identified SEN: 8FE Level 2 No identified SEN: 40FE Level 2 Disadvantaged: 455FE Level 2 Female: 516FE Level 2 Male: 683FE Level 2 Not Disadvantaged: 615FE Level 1 Identified LLDD: 145FE Level 1 No identified LLDD: 190FE Level 1 Identified SEN: 7FE Level 1 No identified SEN: 16FE Level 1 Disadvantaged: 90FE Level 1 Female: 136FE Level 1 Male: 222FE Level 1 Not Disadvantaged: 205Apprenticeship Level 4 Identified LLDD: 15Apprenticeship Level 4 No identified LLDD: 78Apprenticeship Level 4 Identified SEN: 3Apprenticeship Level 4 No identified SEN: 109Apprenticeship Level 4 Disadvantaged: 5Apprenticeship Level 4 Female: 63Apprenticeship Level 4 Male: 142Apprenticeship Level 4 Not Disadvantaged: 25Apprenticeship Level 3 Identified LLDD: 121Apprenticeship Level 3 No identified LLDD: 484Apprenticeship Level 3 Identified SEN: 7Apprenticeship Level 3 No identified SEN: 260Apprenticeship Level 3 Disadvantaged: 145Apprenticeship Level 3 Female: 321Apprenticeship Level 3 Male: 551Apprenticeship Level 3 Not Disadvantaged: 575Apprenticeship Level 2 Identified LLDD: 65Apprenticeship Level 2 No identified LLDD: 371Apprenticeship Level 2 Identified SEN: 5Apprenticeship Level 2 No identified SEN: 213Apprenticeship Level 2 Disadvantaged: 55Apprenticeship Level 2 Female: 336Apprenticeship Level 2 Male: 318Apprenticeship Level 2 Not Disadvantaged: 175FE Level 3FE Level 2FE Level 1Apprenticeship Level 4Apprenticeship Level 3Apprenticeship Level 2